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Breadfruit (Left)  vs.  Jackfruit (Right)

Two Very Different Tropical "Fruits"

BOTH are fruits in the mulberry family with a wide array of uses, functioning in dishes as fruits, vegetables, starches, or even as a meat substitute. Jackfruit and breadfruit are both extremely healthy.

"Breadfruit! It’s such an underrated fruit in India. Although, I think it’s likely because many don’t know it’s different from jackfruit which is native to and common in India. Breadfruit like so many other produce came from outside to India. There are many interesting reads available about how breadfruit spread from the Oceania to rest of the world, and its association with the slave trade.

The two fruits are commonly confused, so I aked listeners for help and experts around the world responded...

Jackfruit Uses

Jackfruit is aromatic and sweet. It is usually allowed to grow until it fully ripens into a flavorful fruit, when it is enjoyed raw or in desserts. However, the white fibrous part is sometimes used as a meat substitute.

Breadfruit Uses

On the other hand, breadfruit, the “tropical potato”  doesn’t generally function as a fruit. Breadfruit is usually harvested when it is mature, but before it is very ripe or overripe. In this case, it is not eaten raw but cooked and enjoyed in any number of ways.

Jackfruit Interior

An opened Jackfruit contains large seeds arranged in a circular pattern. Each seed is surrounded by goldish orange arils. The pulp/arils are the sweet edible part. The flavor is phenomenal – like a tropical sherbet. 

Breadfruit Interior

–Breadfruit is white on the inside. The small seeds are cooked & eaten along with the white flesh. Once cooked, it has a mild and comforting flavor, much like baked bread. 

Breadfruit vs. Jackfruit

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