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British Mincemeat Pies

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Spoiler alert: Despite the name, mincemeat pies do not contain meat. Instead, they consist of dried fruit soaked in liqueur (sometimes up to a month!) encased in flaky pastry.

My podcast guest, Diana Rutherford, retains warm memories of Christmastime, such as making classic bakes like these traditional British Mincemeat Pies she's shared with us.

Basic Ingredients

Filling – Raisins – Dried cranberries – Dried apricots – Granny Smith apple – Lemon zest/Orange zest – Pumpkin pie spice – Grand Marnier – Brandy Dough – All-purpose flour – Non-dairy shortening – Suet – Butter

– Mix all the ingredients for the filling together and store for two days or up to 6 months. – The dough is very soft which makes it easy to manipulate and move. Don't over mix! Wrap the dough and refrigerator or freeze.

Filling and Dough

Shaping the Tarts

Choose one of the three methods to shape your tart. Add as many decorations as much you like, such as lattice or festive cutouts. – Method 1: Large Pie or Tart – Method 2: Mini tarts – Method 3: Handheld Mincemeat Pies

British Mince Pies

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