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Quick Vegan Mushroom Curry with Coconut Milk (Kodava Komme Curry)

From Kaveri Ponnapa, author of The Vanishing Kodavas

While this is the easiest mushroom curry you can whip up, it was anything but for the women in Kaveri’s home, who first foraged mushrooms, then “set to work with a will” painstakingly cleaning them.

Contributed by my podcast guest Kaverie Ponnapa, This quick & easy Mushroom Curry recipe was made by the women in her family from mushrooms foraged after monsoon season.

Basic Ingredients

–16oz pkg. mushrooms – 1⁄2 tsp salt – 1⁄2 tsp tumeric powder – 1 can coconut milk – 4 -5tbsp oil for frying – 2 onions, chopped – 2 tsp coriander powder – 1⁄2 tsp red chili powder  – 3 green chilis, split  – 1⁄2 tsp lime juice

Best Choice of Mushrooms

Most of us can’t access the mushrooms Kaveri used to make this dish, which shouldn't hinder us from making a mushroom masala curry . Kaveri recommends White Button Mushrooms as the best substitute to those her aunt and mother used. 

Limes: An important balance

Balance this dish with a sour flavor. Kaveri says: The single ingredient unique to Kodagu is kachampuli, a...vinegar boiled down from the juices of a fruit that grows locally.... In this dish, a little extra juice from limes would be good substitute.

Delicious & Quick Vegan Mushroom Curry with Coconut Milk (Kodava Komme Curry)

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