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Slow Cooked  Irish Stew

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Traditional, authentic Irish Stew is made with the simplest of ingredients - Beef (or Lamb), potatoes, onions, carrots - and cooked until the potatoes are flavorful to their core and the meat is tender. The result is hearty, simple, warm, nourishing dish.

Contributed by my podcast guest, Shauna Lawless, author of the historical fantasy novel The Children of Gods and Fighting Men set in Ireland circa 1000 AD.

Basic Ingredients

2 lbs Stew meat (Beef or Lamb) 2 onions 8 gold potatoes 1 bunch carrots Salt & Pepper, Flour

Irish Stew isn't fussy!!

While the Irish do eat a Guinness Stew (with very similar ingredients), this is a totally separate meal to traditional Irish Stew! Add too many herbs or tomato sauce/paste and you no longer have a traditional Irish stew.

Which potatoes work best?

Shauna recommends floury potaotes. In the US, Yukon Golds are the perfect texture and flavor. Cook the stew low and slow until they are so soft, you could feed them to a very young toddler. 

Crock Pot or Stove Top? 

Either way - as long as it's low and slow! Instructions for both in this recipe. You'll have to thicken the crockpot liquid a bit (lots of easy ways to do this) as the steam doesn't escape as easily while cooking.

Traditional Slow Cooked Irish Stew

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