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No Yeast Beignets 

From  the French Countryside

I say Bugnes, you say Beignet! “Beignet” is the American adaptation of French “bugnes” – a fluffy, golden, crispy, sweet treat, delicious by any name! French bugnes are made without yeast.

This recipe came from my French podcast guest, Claire Marie. She and her grandmother made these every year for Carnival.

Basic Ingredients

– 3 eggs – pinch salt – 1 large tbsp of sugar  – 1 stick butter – 3 tsp baking powder  – 1.5 cups flour  – 1 tsp rum – Oil for frying

Mix the ingredients in one bowl....

Let it chill for an hour, then roll very thinly (1/8 inch). Cut into squares or diamonds.

Drop the dough in hot oil...

 Immediately, the beignets will puff to an inch high!  In under two minutes, they'll be golden and crispy outside and fluffy inside.

Sprinkle with Sugar

Use granulated sugar for the French version and powdered sugar for the American version - Your choice!! Enjoy with a hot cup of coffee for Mardi Gras - or anytime!

Yeast Free Beignet Recipe

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