the storied recipe 

Classic No Chill & No Spread Christmas Cookies

From an Iconic NYC Baker

This quick sugar cookie recipe doesn't compromise on results. No chill, no spread dough is perfect for decorating - which you can do BEFORE baking!

Contributed by my podcast guest Seth Greenberg, this recipe has made millions of cookies over 50 years!

Basic Ingredients

- 2 sticks sweet butter  - 1⁄4 lb sugar  - 2 egg yolks - 1⁄2 tsp kosher salt - 1 tsp pure vanilla extract - 325 g flour – sifted - Sanding Sugar

One shortcut NOT to take...

Don't shortchange the creaming step. Beat the butter and sugar until you no longer feel any grains of sugar when rubbing a small pinch between your thunb and forefinger.

Go easy mixing the flour

Otherwise, you'll develop the gluten. For a soft cookie, use a few turns of a mixer to incorporate the dry ingredients. Knead very lightly to finish mixing. 

Decorate before baking

Simply by brushing with butter, then sprinkling on sanding sugar (or Muscovado sugar for a rustic look).

The BEST No Spread & No Chill Sugar Cookie Recipe!

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